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the perfect plan for you

1 on 1 consultations

(4 months+)



support + guidance every step of the way!

1 hour virtual consultation

sleep assessment

custom sleep plan 

sleep log

2 week support (text + log)

let's get this done together! in this package, i will be by your side every step of the way as we navigate your baby's unique needs. we'll start with a virtual consultation, then I'll build a custom sleep plan for your family, and then send you a sleep log for us to work through together. from there, it's  unlimited text + fun!


advisor +

long-term support to build healthy sleep habits!

1 hour virtual consultation

sleep assessment

custom sleep plan

sleep log

30 day support (text + log)

2 scheduled calls

this package is for you if you are looking for long-term support for you and your family. it includes two additional calls throughout our time together where we'll continue to work through long-term sleep habits that you and your family can continue to build. 

DIY guides!

newborn sleep guide (0-3 months)

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.51.13 PM.png

calling all . . .

✓ new moms + dads

✓ parents who need a refresher

✓ expecting parents

✓ anyone asking, "what do i do with my newborn?"

feeling overwhelmed?

you're in the right place!

in this guide you will learn:

✓ what to expect from your newborn

✓ common questions + answers

✓ bedtime

✓ sleep environment

✓ awake times

✓ naps

✓ safe sleep

✓ gentle sleep strategies

$49 - newborn sleep guide

$99 - newborn sleep guide + call bundle

you're not alone.... 

I reached out to Sleep Sister, flustered and fed up on a Saturday morning at 6am, and got a reply shortly thereafter. April reassured me that everything would be okay and that she would help us figure out a solution to our son’s early morning wakings.


We set up a time to chat that week and she quickly identified the issue. April helped us adjust his sleep schedule and over the course of a week or so, our son began sleeping later and later. He now sleeps soundly every night from 7pm-7am. I can’t recommend Sleep Sister enough - she will seriously change your life!


April is not only super knowledgeable about baby and toddler sleep, she is so sweet and kind and cares deeply about seeing your child succeed in their sleep journey. I will definitely contact April again if any other sleep issues arise and I love following her account as she is always posting great tips for healthy sleep habits. Don’t wait any longer and reach out to her today, it is so worth the investment! Thank you Sleep Sister!!!

~ Kaitlyn from MA ~

We worked with April and it changed our lives! My 8 month old started bad sleep habits over the time my husband and I were home during covid. We knew this wasn’t the lifestyle we wanted to live especially with us being back at work full time. We were co-sleeping and knew it had to stop before our son got too use to it.

When we started with April I was scared but so ready to start and just like that it held us accountable to make sure he slept the night in his crib. We are now successful with naps and night sleeping and I couldn’t be happier to have our nights back!!

I would 10/10 recommend using sleep sister and I know who to call if we have any sleep issues in the future and without a doubt would invest in this sleep plan again!! Not only in the sleep plan but in April; she was ALWAYS available to speak to and she made this entire process so much easier!!

~ Alicia from NJ ~

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